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by Kimoa 23 Mar 2020


From Kimoa we are happy to announce the winners of our first Design Contest that was about the creation of a tee that would be part of our collection.

Do you wanna know the winners?

We ended the inscription and votation process, and those 10 designs with more votes were presented to our jury made up of Fernando Alonso, pilot and co-partner of the Kimoa project, Saul G. Robles, chief designer of Kimoa, Leticia Escudero, product manager of Kimoa, Adrian Madrid, fashion photographer and Natalia Bengoechea, fashion manager of S Moda Magazine and member of the MBFW Madrid committee. They analysed and picked the names of the 3 winners.

On 3rd place is the design made by Lucia Echanove “El cambio”, she proposed a three R´s strategies reuse, recycle and reduce to communicate a more sustainable future through the design.

The 2nd place is the design made by Alvaro Martin “Be Green”, he proposed a tree leaf that represent the changes we should made taking into consideration nature as center of the future development.

And the 1st place is the design made by… ¡¡Marc Poulain!! “El oso Kimoa”. French living in Italy, Marc told us that for designing his tee, in which we can admire the colors of the brand, he got inspired on polar bears, a danger of extinction specie. He used a bear asking for help because we has no more ice.

Congratulations to all the winners.

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