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by Kimoa 28 Oct 2019


Did you know that through eBay a mobile phone is sold each 2 minutes and an article of clothing each 60 seconds? eBay is one of the biggest and more dynamic e‑commerce platform in the world  

Due to this and to its supportive side, eBay has been the company that Kimoa has associated with to manage the auction of the surfboards made by the artists Domingo Zapata, Okuda and Edgar Plans, who have collaborated with the Mission Blue x Kimoa.

Get into its universe

eBay connects business

eBay, which is specialized in connecting buyers and sellers from all over the world, is a leader company in the transformation of the present and future commerce. This e‑commerce platform impulses new trends that generate unique and inspiring shopping experiences.

On eBay anyone can find anything he is looking for or needs thanks to an extensive and varied inventory that connects, only in Spain, around 10,000 professional sellers with around 182 million buyers from all over the world.

Auction of Surfboards via eBay for a social cause

Thanks to the new opportunities that it creates, eBay has provided us all the support we needed for this social cause, which is destined to the protection of the oceans, the seas and the sea life, and to keep researching about them. The e‑commerce platform has enabled us to carry out and auction of surfboards transformed into works of art. The fundraising will be donated to Mission Blue, for the posidonia of the Balearic Islands.

Join Kimoa and eBay’s new sustainable and supportive wave.

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