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by Kimoa 27 Apr 2023


Hand in hand with the Braver Alba Sánchez, we approach the world of rallying.

30 years ago, Alba Sánchez was born in León, the rally co-driver who has accompanied some of the best rally drivers worldwide.

As a new member of the Kimoa family, she tells us more about herself and her career path.

-What are your passions/hobbies?

Of course, everything that has to do with cars and practically almost everything with an engine attracts me. I am very lucky to be able to dedicate myself professionally, full-time, to what I have been passionate about since I was little: rallying.

Whenever I'm not wearing my helmet or enjoying any motorsport, I like to escape to the mountains and do any outdoor activity. Trekking is my favorite. I enjoy the many routes we have through León and its landscapes, but I never rule out more “extreme” activities. If they ask me to go canyoning or do some via ferrata, I'm the first to sign up.

- How did you land in the world of rallies?

It's something that I carry in my DNA. Although neither my mother nor father have ever been in a rally car, they are big fans. So from a very young age, I have enjoyed and learned from this sport. Little by little, I got into the service parks, I spent a few years as a sports photographer, and thanks to that, I discovered the work of the co-driver, which is what I do. In 2014, while I was studying mechanics, a friend encouraged me to take a course, and since 2015 there have already been more than 100 races, 25 drivers, and different championships and podiums.

- What is the best part of your job?

Being a co-driver implies the sacrifice of this sport. At a professional level it involves many days away from home in pre-event testing and the rally itself. But the figure of the co-pilot also entails "bureaucratic" work; regulations, planning, road book preparation…

Far from assuming something tedious, for me, it is one of my favorite parts of my sport. Personally, and on a day-to-day basis, I am a perfectionist and also a methodical person, so it amuses me that my work demands it of me.

Then, when I am already 100% immersed in the role and with the helmet on, the best feeling is to finish a stage with the feeling of having given everything in each kilometer, seeing the satisfaction of my driver is very gratifying for me.

- What would you like to achieve in the future in the world of motorsport?

There are several types of co-pilots. I, for example, am from rallies and I am entering the world of cross country. Many people think that the pinnacle of this sport is the Dakar, but I have very little experience in this modality, which is why whenever I talk about dreams I mention the WRC. It is the top category of my modality, and racing in an official team with a Rally 1 is the maximum we can aspire to, whether you are co-driver, pilot, mechanic, engineer...

- What do you think of our t-shirts, caps, and sunglasses?

It is inevitable not to feel identified with Kimoa. After all, it was born at the hand of someone who any sports car enthusiast admires; Fernando Alonso. But in addition, it is about sustainable and ecological clothing, and I love being able to help in some way to preserve the planet as a good lover of nature.

My "must," both for day to day and for my profession in the recognition days of the stages, are sunglasses. I always go for polarized lenses and, furthermore, I love Kimoa's Ecopackaging.

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