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by Kimoa 07 Oct 2020


We invite you to visit one of the most special locations for our Kimoa Racing Clothing collection photo shoots. Welcome to Racetorations.

Our Kimoa Racing Clothing collections unite past and present, motor and sustainability, as is the case of the car restoration workshop specialized in Porsche 356 and 911 models, Racetorations, with whom we have had the opportunity to collaborate on two occasions to make the photo sessions carried out around the second and third collections of Kimoa Racing Clothing.

For the first photoshoot, in which there was a marked “road trip” approach, we had the white Porsche 911 2.7RS, arrived from the UK and ready to compete in rallies that provided that adventurous but classy aesthetic that always we seek.

For the second photographic production, divided into two universes, we started the day and first photos in the space located on the outskirts of Madrid, directed by Gonzalo Mancisidor, where they carry out partial or complete restorations, maintenance, rebuilding of engines, bodywork, painting, mechanics , suspensions ... in the most absolute "anti-workshop".

In a bright space, with floor and walls painted in a rigorous white without any stain of oil, the protagonists of our campaign accompanied the always host for the Kimoa Racing Clothing collections, Fernando Alonso, among mythical cars and pieces in the process of restoration.

For the second part, shot outdoors, we had at our disposal a Porsche Targa in black that provided a groundbreaking touch always linked to our passion for motors like that of Racetorations and their team.

To follow her work, check out her profile @racetorations on Instagram.

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