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by Kimoa 26 Jan 2020


In the global hub for innovation, sustainability and technology, Neonyt, in Berlin, Kimoa has been present with its new collections.

Neonyt represents fashion innovation

The platform Neonyt combines business, inspiration, knowledge, fun and community creation for a new wave of fashion firms that are in the vanguard of the future tendencies in fashion.

It was thought to create networks, to make new firms visible in the market and also to train all the attendants thanks to its agenda, which is focused clearly on the change and evolution of the industry. Edition after edition it is consolidating as the main referent for firms that make ready-to-wear clothes, shoes and accessories. There, Kimoa has been very favourably received thanks to its innovative works with fabrics for clothing and also due to the current packaging of the firm, because sustainability is the key premise.

The name of the fair, Neonyt, is formed by two words: neo, which in Greek means new; and nytt, which also means new in Scandinavian. Therefore, cutting edge items are presented on it, so Kimoa couldn’t miss this event.

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