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by Kimoa 03 Oct 2019


In our brand we never get tired of celebrating the new universes we get into. On this occasion, in the world of videogames thanks to GRID.

The latest Racing game created by Codemaster and recently presented in Madrid by Fernando Alonso where you can drive with a car designed by Kimoa.

The car design, in which the ultimate protagonist is the successful print of the sweater Cenozoic All Over Print, from the SS19 collection, shows a color palette that moves between two blue tonalities which contrast with the Kimoa green to highlight the brand’s logo, with its iconic K, making it to look three-dimensional, a fact which becomes more evident thanks to the hyper-realism of the game. This style adjusts to the different disciplines you will find in GRID: Tourism, Endurance, Open-Wheel, Turner and Street. Additionally, you will have the incentive of trying to catch Fernando Alonso, who now will be your virtual opponent thanks to the AI of the game.

Participate in our social media contest

Would you like to be the first one behind the wheel of the latest GRID version? Participate in our social media contest and become the winner!

*Legal basis available.

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