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by Kimoa 25 Jun 2020


Kimoa creates an exclusive cap in collaboration with PowerArt.

Guille García Alfonsín, a benchmark among motor lovers thanks to the documentaries and reports he makes in his YouTube channel, produced jointly with Diego Alarza, Kimoa launches the PowerArt cap in exclusive and limited edition for all the followers and subscribers who follow each video with passion.

This cap, “trucker” style, catches the eye for the elegant combination of colors: white, black and green, in order to combine the two universes in terms of corporate identity of both projects, with the distinctive touch of both logos embroidered in different techniques.

Under the bill we find a special pattern of elements of the motor universe with common parts of cars such as pistons, connecting rods, crankshafts ... tools or elements that racing fans will immediately recognize.

A cap that cannot miss in any matter around the motorsport universe.

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