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by Kimoa 14 Aug 2019


A trend in skating fashion for those who return strong.

During the 90s, skater fashion crossed borders beyond skate parks and conquered the streets thanks to some music groups that popularized wearing oversized pants, revealing underwear, short-sleeved shirts over long-sleeved shirts ( a matter of comfort in the face of falls), along with elbow pads and wide lace-up shoes.

The Revival of Fashion Skate for Men   In recent months we have been able to witness an authentic revival of men's skate fashion, taken not only to the street but also to the most important catwalks. Not only this but lifestyle firms have been inspired by the skating universe to create t-shirts with all kinds of silkscreens and prints , with great messages, the name of the brand or with graffiti style drawings. There are three distinctive elements of this style, as you will discover in the selection of garments for this spring-summer of Kimoa. Unisex Skater Fashion   Another feature of skating fashion is that it is usually unisex, a term with which we feel absolutely identified with in our firm, therefore our collections are for both men and women looking to enjoy a relaxed style with a unique touch.   Of course, caps and hats are a complement that can’t be missing from a skater’s wardrobe. Being the most characteristic element, the shoes always tend to have a thick but uniform sole without being too tight to allow greater range of motion   Today there are many young (and not so young) people who declare themselves fans of this urban and casual fashion, whether they are skaters or not. Discover more through the #skatecrush hashtag.
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