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by Kimoa 31 Jan 2019


As you probably have noticed, we love discovering, dreaming, never giving up. We are not experts in skiing, but we love it.

Recently Kimoa has visited one of the best ski schools in Europe: Ski and Snowboard School 2000 in Val Gardena -Dolomites (Italy)-. We've had a chance to talk to them. This is what they told us:

Kimoa: What makes this school so different?

If you are looking for a young ski school, that knows how to motivate you, fast and flexible, here we are! Plus the area is quite impressive! One of the best place in Europe to ski!

Kimoa: What are your short and long term goals within the school?

Our short-term goal is to but to our customers the best service possible and let the instructors feel happy and proud to be instructors of our ski school. If I have to think in a long term, definitely we would like to be recognized as the best school in ski In Val Gardena!

Kimoa: What are the strengths of the school?

No doubt, the Instructors!!! They're young, they're super motivated, they want to teach what they know. The fact that they know languages is also a strong point in favor.

We believe in #neversurrender, is the hardest challenge you face every day?

Keep focus every day and offer a unique experience to our customers.

And this is what we've been told!

Curiosity note: the instructors of this super ski school wear Kimoa Sunglasses. If you pop around the school store you can also buy them there.

See you, Friends!

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