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Por Kimoa 23 Apr 2019


From Kimoa we want to support Fernando Alonso in his fight to get the third crown and for this we have created the challenge #fightingforthetriplecrown.

Do you join us?

After the victories at the Monaco Grand Prix (2006 and 2007) and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Fernando Alonso hopes to win the podium of the legendary event to be held at the Indianapolis Motorspeedway on May 26, popularly known as Indy500 . For this we have created some actions in which to involve all motor enthusiasts.

We started last March with the launch of the cap Indy500 FA in which the logo of the three crowns and the symbology around it on which we tell you everything in this post is clearly visible.

A few weeks ago we launched the Kimoa pack to invite you to be part of the McLaren grandstand on the circuit itself which includes the entrance, a bottle, the flag that every fan wants to wave, a keychain with the colors of Fernando's helmet Alonso, a bag with the colors of the same and the signature of the pilot as well as the cap Indy500 FA which can become a collector's item.

And finally, a challenge, in which we want to involve everyone by generating a flood of messages on social medias supporting Fernando in his next great achievement.

How can you be part of animating the champion? Very easy, look for a blue paint, get a line on your face and upload a video or photo on your favorite social media, Instagram (stories or profile), Facebook or Twitter and say: "I join Fernando Alonso and Kimoa in the challenge #fightingforthetriplecrown".

Do not forget to tag us and nominate 3 friends.

Among all the participants that join the challenge we will raffle 2 packs composed for a flag, a bottle, a keychain, a cap, one bag and Kimoa Racing Indy500 t-shirt.

We are going to create a blue tide that will accompany him to success!

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