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Por Kimoa 07 Dec 2019


Have you received your last order with our new eco and more sustainable packaging?

One of our challenges for 2019, after being able to launch the Autumn-Winter 19‑20 lifestyle collection and the Mission Blue supportive capsule by Kimoa in sustainable fabrics –thanks to the Recover thread manufacturing process– was to modify the packaging of our products in order to make it be more ecological and responsible with the environment: our new eco-packaging


Which are our new eco-packaging?



More ecological and sustainable plastic bags:

All of our products, when we send them, they contain two bags: one to protect each one of your clothes, individually, from the storage environment and during their trip to your home, and another that contains all the products you have put in your shopping cart to prevent damages during the logistical processing.

In our fight against the excessive use of plastic and to help to preserve the oceans, this has been one of our more complex searches: to find a plastic bag that on the one hand was made out of recycled materials, and on the other hand, was 100% recyclable. This way we ensure the impact we generate is the least possible.

Moreover, you can give a second life to the outer bags because they have a double or triple zip, depending on their size, so they can be used again.


New eco boxes and cases for glasses:

Our eco boxes and cases now are more responsible with the environment thanks to their new designs and materials. They have been made out of recycled cardboard unbleached and that hasn’t been treated with chemicals. We haven’t used used inks that could prevent or make difficult its subsequent recycling process.

Its design is innovative: the box and the lid are joint by a Kimoa Green elastic material, and the box has been created with the idea of being used afterwards as a normal box or a tray for emptying your pockets. Can you think of any more uses for them?

The case has been improved too. Now it is made out of recycled PET. So now the case still protects our glasses during the day but it can be also used to clean the lenses.


Boxes that are also labels:

When the die-cutting of the 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes that contain all of our caps is carried out, it is generated a waste due to the die-cutting itself. We have decided to use this waste to create the labels we include with our clothes. This way we make a more efficient use of the available resources and produce less amount of waste.

We work each day to be a more sustainable brand and to create a better world.


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