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Por Kimoa 03 Feb 2022


Discover with Paloma Fang the location of our last shooting.

We introduce you to Paloma Fang, CEO, founder of Grupo Bellaciao and host of our latest photoshoot at Running Sushi in Market. A space in Madrid that transports us to the streets of Tokyo.

-How did you start in the world of catering business?

My beginnings in the world of catering go back to my childhood. My parents had several restaurants and they instilled in me the values ​​of hospitality and the dedication of this work since I was a child. In 2016 I opened my first restaurant and, since then, I took the legacy of my parents to continue with this profession that is now also my vocation.

-How did the idea of ​​creating a space like Running Sushi in Market come about?

Running Sushi in Market was born with the idea of ​​rescuing the origins of sushi as a traditional Japanese dish. In Tokyo there was the most famous fish market in the world, the Tsukiji market, and I wanted to pay tribute by bringing it to Madrid and making this Japanese tradition of eating in the restaurants of the market itself and its surroundings known.

-How is Running Sushi in Market different from other Japanese restaurants?

The main difference is our revolving sushi belt, traditional from Osaka from the 80ies but with two levels: the top one for hot dishes and the bottom one for sushi and cold dishes. In addition, as in the rest of my restaurants, I take great care of the decoration and the setting to make it look as real as possible and thus make our clients experience a trip to the heart of Japan.

-Do you love fashion?

I have always liked fashion, now I am lucky to be able to unite fashion and decoration to the legacy of my parents which is the food industry. In addition, I am always aware of the latest national and international trends to innovate and be inspired by my projects.

-What do you think of our latest collection inspired by Japan?

It seems to me that it really rescues the most traditional Japanese style, the patterns, and colors that you have used combining them with the trends of the moment give a fantastic result.

-Is there a piece from the collection that is your favorite?

I couldn't pick just one! I love the shirts with the Japanese drawings on the back and the mirror and colored technical goggles.

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