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by Kimoa 28 Apr 2022


Formula E and Kimoa united for sustainability with the new sunglasses created in collaboration.

The values ​​of sustainability, the responsibility to reduce CO2 emissions and the passion of both companies for motorsport have led us to come together to launch the limited-edition Formula E x Kimoa sunglasses.

Inspired by the corporate hues of Formula E, two of the firm's best-selling models have been reinterpreted: LA and Sidney.

For the FORMULA E x LA model, with a white and green frame combined with blue mirrored polarized lenses, the innovative sustainable material polyethylene terephthalate (PET) has been used, extracted from recycled water bottles using 2.5/3 units for each pair of sunglasses.

The FORMULA E x SIDNEY model, with black frame and polarized mirror lenses in blue, is made of BIO ACETATE, a revolutionary biodegradable material.

All the sunglasses, following the sustainable spirit of the collaboration, have the recognizable Kimoa box in recycled paper, common in all the brand’s eyewear models, accompanied for this capsule by a blue elastic closure, the printed band that gives the officiality to the product and a microbag made of 100% recycled PET material.

A collaboration for the season 2022 that brings together two partners concerned about sustainability and the environment, offering a new benchmark product for lovers of electric motorsports and everything it represents.

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